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Sgt. York MedalThe Tennessee State Guard Alvin C. York medal is awarded each year to the single most outstanding guard member who has contributed the most to his or her unit and to the TNSG statewide. This is the highest recognition a Tennessee State Guardsman can receive, and it is indeed a great honor to be selected.

Since the TNSG is an all-volunteer military organization, each member contributes as much of his or her time and effort as possible toward the accomplishment of the overall mission. Guardsmen learn to effectively balance family, career, and other obligations with the demands of their TNSG service. Those that most successfully achieving this balance are frequently the most effective members throughout their TNSG careers. Such is the case with our own regiment commander, Colonel Edwards.

In 2005, Colonel William Edwards, Commander, Third Regiment, TNSG, was awarded the unique honor of being the first recipient of the Alvin C. York Medal from TNSG Directorate HQ in Nashville. Colonel Eward's consistently distinguished service record for over 20 years stands as an example to others who aspire to such achievement. As the Third Regiment had earlier been officially designated the "Alvin C. York Regiment", it is fitting that its commander has received this commendation.

As members of the Third Regiment, we are honored to have Colonel Edwards as our commander, and we are proud of the statewide recognition of his accomplishments.

LTC Carl Woodard
Executive Officer
3rd Regiment, TNSG


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